School Funding Stories

Stop #8 - Central New York

There is generational poverty and mental health issues that have gone undiagnosed and untreated. We are trying to break that cycle, but we can’t meet the needs.

Stop #7 - Western New York

A shortage of state funding means the district can offer only one social worker for every 2,000 students and only eight guidance counselors districtwide.

Stop #6 - Monroe County

Hard times have hit Rochester. Massive financial constraints have led to deep midyear layoffs that have decimated the district and harmed students.

Stop #5 - Long Island

Students' emotional needs are greater. There’s more depression, more anxiety. Students are missing more days of school. The students need support.

Stop #4 - Southern Tier

There are libraries, but no librarians. There are over-crowded classrooms with water damage and students who won't have proper opportunities.

Stop #3 - New York City

The atmosphere belies the fact that IS181 is owed $925,000 in state Foundation Aid this year, nearly 10 percent of its budget. The shortfall takes a heavy toll.

Stop #2 - White Plains

You might think a populous and prosperous town like White Plains would be immune to the effects of lacking foundation aid. You'd be wrong. 

Foundation Aid: Mohonasen

Stop #1 - Mohonasen

The district is owed over $8 million in state aid. At Bradt Primary School that means fewer teachers and support staff, even as student needs grow. 

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